Everactive, Inc.

Everactive, Inc.
2986 Oakmead Village Court
Santa Clara, CA 95051
United States
Work: (516) 639-7346

Everactive combines battery-free wireless sensors and cloud analytics to deliver end-to-end Industrial IoT solutions. The company’s groundbreaking self-powered technology allows for low-cost, long-lived, and intelligent instrumentation of industrial assets that have previously been too expensive or dangerous to connect.  Operating without batteries, Everactive's technology offers maintenance-free, scalable solutions for digital transformation initiatives.  The company's first solution monitors steam traps for failure, alerting customers as failures occur so that action can be taken quickly to mitigate energy waste, safety concerns, and excess carbon emissions.  Its second solution continuously monitors rotating machinery such as motors, pumps, fans, and compressors.


  • Boilers & Boiler Equipment
  • Distribution Systems & Services
  • Electrical Equipment & Services
  • Energy Conservation & Efficiency
  • Operations & Maintenance Services