GSS Integrated Energy Ltd.

GSS Integrated Energy Ltd.
2004 Sherwood Drive
Edmonton, AB T8A 4R6
Work: 780-982-2500

GSS Integrated Energy Ltd. provides engineering and consulting services from alternative energy modeling to community scale Thermal Microgrid designs. These dynamic thermal energy systems can work seamlessly with technologies such as heat pumps, Combined Heat and Power cogeneration, and solar.  Thermal microgrids are designed to be integrated with electrical microgrids to achieve a much higher level of efficiency for all energy systems. Our Patented Thermal Energy Exchange and Storage (TEES) systems are a critical microgrid component by collecting waste energy, peak shaving, and load balancing while increasing system energy storage capacity to meet all the seasonal heating and cooling demands.


  • Design/Build Services
  • Energy Storage - Thermal & Electric
  • Engineering Consulting
  • Optimization & Modelling
  • Project Management