Community Energy Development Guide

Community Energy: Planning, Development & Delivery

IDEA is pleased to provide our publication, Community Energy: Planning, Development and Delivery, which aims to support mayors, planners, community leaders, real estate developers and economic development officials who are interested in planning more sustainable urban energy infrastructure, creating community energy master plans and implementing district energy systems in cities, communities and towns.

The guidebook provides an overview of the local energy project development process, in a form that is accessible to lay readers, to assist them in making informed decisions on the analysis, planning, development and delivery of district energy systems. IDEA engaged UK-based district energy specialist Michael King, author of the UK guidebook by the same name, to revise Community Energy: Planning, Development and Delivery for the U.S. market to reflect relevant national energy and environmental policies and incorporate current U.S. market conditions and policy drivers on a federal, state and local level.

Canadian Revision

The Community Energy Guide for the Canadian Market was co-authored by UK-based district energy specialist Michael King, and IDEA's own Brad Bradford. Together, they revised the contents of the guide for the Canadian market to reflect provincial policy, the specific nuances and drivers of system deployment, and leverage the emerging momentum around the community energy planning process and integration of community-based energy system within broader planning frameworks. 

Michael King is the principal of District Energy Development Ltd. in the UK and a board member of Aberdeen HEat & Power, as well as a recent IEA District Energy Climate Award Winner. Brad Bradford holds a Masters of Planning degree from the University of Waterloo and worked as the Community Energy Planner at IDEA.


About the Guide

IDEA engaged Michael King, author and editor of the UK publication Community Energy: Planning, Development and Delivery Guide, to produce and disseminate this document for the U.S. market. The original guide was written with a specific focus on the United Kingdom to support and guide planners and project developers through the energy project development process. Great interest in the Guide was noted at IDEA's 102nd Annual Conference, held in conjunction with the Canadian District Energy Association in Toronto June 13-16, 2011, and IDEA initiated a partnership with Michael King to complete a revision for the U.S. market.

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