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Is DC just about supply and demand?

Colin Bridges, MEP Middle East Summary Matching the variable demand with the supply should be the key factor in improving energy efficiency, writes Colin Bridges, business development director, Belimo Automation District Cooling (DC) is widely acknowledged, as the most efficient way to cost...

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Eliminating the High Cost of Over-Pumping in Thermal Distribution Systems

Summary This presentation will examine how inadequate hydronic balancing will cause over pumping and low delta T. Low delta T is very costly but can be corrected. Keeping the water in the coils per their design will allow chillers, coils and pumps to perform according to their design...


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Chilled Water Energy Savings Study

Overview Our industry has proven that chiller water low Delta T causes chiller plant inefficiency and a dramatic increased pumping cost. This presentation will analyze how correcting low Delta T will eliminate over pumping and costly chiller plant inefficiency. By replacing manual balancing...


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