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Scary Noise? - District Cooling & CHP infrastructure in sensitive campus locations

Summary Campus growth and related district energy infrastructure expansion can raise many worries for campus neighbors. High among these worries is the fear of increased noise in the neighborhood - this makes it critical for these important projects to control exterior noise emission. Using...


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University of Massachusetts, Amherst North Chiller Plant

Summary University of Massachusetts Amherst is the Commonwealths’ flagship campus and has been recognized for continuously incorporating sustainability principles into its district energy systems. The newest project known as the North Chiller Plant is prominently located in a visible portion...


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Too big to Hide- District Energy & CHP infrastructure in sensitive campus locations

Perceived as blocky, dirty, noisy “machines” on the peripheries of cities and campuses, infrastructure facilities are TOO BIG to hide. Infrastructure is LARGE in scale but LARGER in impact, and provides us with the basics of electricity, water, heating, and cooling. Conversation about its...


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Combined Heat and Power for the Medium Sized Campus, a Case Study

Summary Tufts University is currently constructing a new combined heat and power central energy plant for increased energy efficiency, reliability, resilience, and utility cost savings. The presentation will discuss how significant siting and distribution challenges within this mature campus...