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Converted Turbine, New Boilers and Stacks: Reliable, Responsible, Ready for Growth

Summary Abbott Power Plant at the Champaign-Urbana Campus of the University of Illinois recently completed a two-phase project to remove three 325 psig boilers and install three 850 psig boilers to increase the reliability and flexibility of the cogeneration operation. The project is part of...


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UC System Expansion and Renewal

Summary The University of Chicago’s South Steam Plant (SSP) was originally commissioned in the 1920s as a coal-fired power plant. In the 1970s, the plant was modified to remove coal-fired boilers from operation; four (4) new field-erected single-burner boilers were installed.The dual-fuel...


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University of Iowa, Boiler No. 10. Natural Gas Burner Installation

Speakers Ben Anderson, University of Iowa Russ Price & Kevin Voss, PRVN #CampusEnergyConference #2014 #ConferenceProceeding #ConstructionandCommissioning #Iowa #UniversityofIowa #PRVNConsultants

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New Back-Up Generation for Critical Facilities at the University of Iowa

Summary This case study will discuss a new back-up generation facility at the University of Iowa, designed to automatically black start the Main Plant and provide back-up power to critical facilities throughout campus. The plant is tied into the campus grid. It is in an addition, in a very...

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University of Iowa Waste Heat Chilled Water Generation

Summary This presentation will discuss the addition of new renewable energy based chilled water capacity at the Oakdale Chilled Water Plant on the University of Iowa's Research Campus. In the interest of developing a trigeneration facility, new hot water absorption chillers were installed at...


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University of Iowa - Microgrid Approach

Summary This presentation will discuss the evolution of the microgrid at the University (present and future) and existing controls features from automatic engine starting, load shedding, and operating scenarios. The microgrid connects the power plant, campus buildings, and critical research...