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Achieving Zero Net Energy with 57°F CHW and On-Site Energy Generation 

02-26-2019 15:54


Affiliated Engineers, Inc. (AEI) is designing a new 386,000 square foot facility for the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in Riverside, CA. The building will house engine and chassis test cells, chemistry labs, and multiple floors of offices. Delivered under a design-build, stipulated sum delivery approach, the building is slated to achieve on-site zero net energy (ZNE), LEED Platinum, and CALGreen Tier 2. ZNE is achieved through onsite energy generation (3.5+ MW of solar panels) and by using 57°F chilled water to serve most of the building loads. Use of 57°F chilled water is made possible by: the higher-temperature, sensible-only loads of the test cell; applying active chilled beams in the chemistry lab and office areas; and using pre-cooling, sensible-only “dual coils” in most air handlers. Furthermore, because of the dry climate, hybrid fluid coolers can operate in water-side economizer to generate the 57°F chilled water for approximately 60% of the year. Traditional 42°F chilled water and low-temperature 36°F chilled water (no glycol) are generated for dehumidification and process loads respectively. Redundancy is achieved by interconnecting all chilled water types, allowing water to pass between four distinct circuits. All chillers use low-GWP, HFO refrigerants.

Session 2B: Campus strategies for System Design and Operations


Brett Friedman, Affiliated Engineers, Inc.
Garrett Roberts, Trane


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