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BMS for Mission Critical Cooling for Data Center Utilizing PLC/DCS 

08-11-2017 16:06


For a Fortune 500 Financial Institution Data Center, Prime Controls implemented a successful full scale Building Management System utilizing a PLC based Distributed Control System. The project utilized the DCS system’s Advanced Process Library to provide the programming backbone to control the data center’s utmost mission critical equipment, resulting in the one of the largest high availability PLC/DCS controlled Data Centers in the United States. In a facility that was designed and implemented to house some of the banking industry’s most valuable information technology transactions, the control system allowed for a fully redundant and reliable BMS to control the following: Primary Chilled Water Plant, Secondary Chilled Water Plant, Thermal Storage, Water Side Economizer System, Data Halls and Data Halls Support Rooms. The best practices learned from this project were utilized in the control system upgrade at UT Austin’s CP2 that supports the campus’s Data Center.


Bill Bivens, Prime Controls
Jason Eggl, Prime Controls

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Bill Bivens, Prime Controls Jason Eggl, Prime Controls