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Case Studies on PE-RT Hot Water Piping for Campus Energy 

06-27-2019 11:46


The presentation reviewed several case studies on hot water systems utilizing PE-RT (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature) piping systems including the construction of the new Harvard University Science and Engineering Complex, District Energy Facility, and the new Harvard Business School in Allston, MA. Harvard University has provided district energy systems to support campus buildings for many years and planned to expand it's district energy systems footprint in Allston by constructing a new facility and associated distribution systems. The new facility and distribution will support potential future growth in the Allston Campus. Harvard analyzed various piping materials to determine the best solution for the unique blend of challenges that the Allston site presents. In the final analysis Performance Pipe’s PlatinumStripe® 1800 Series PE4710 HDPE PE-RT was chosen for the hot water piping and standard PE4710 HDPE material was chosen for the chilled water system.The project was a joint venture between RMF Engineers, Bond Brothers Construction, and VARI-TECH. Over 4000’ of 34” DR 17 chilled water HDPE pipe and over 4000’ of 24” DR 11 150F hot water HDPE PE-RT pipe was installed in the first phase. Both the chilled water and hot water piping were installed in the same trench with insulation on the chilled water supply pipe and the hot water supply and return pipe. Many fittings and valve clusters were prefabricated to speed up field fusion reducing installation cost. VARI-TECH provided engineering support for in-field service end load calculations to ensure a totally restrained and controlled pipe placement. VARI-TECH also supplied qualified fusion technicians to install the HDPE pipe systems.

Track 6D: Distribution System Best Practices


Wes Long, Performance Pipe


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