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Data-Based Tools for the Planning and Development of Thermal Networks 

06-23-2019 16:35

LBNL is developing a web-based tool that identifies areas of potential for district thermal energy networks across the United States. This identifies and maps the scope and scale for waste heat and cooling sales in the domestic, commercial and industrial markets at a Census Block granularity. In parallel the EU-funded Thermos project is developing a web-based tool to enable faster, more accurate, and less costly identification of the best thermal energy system options in a given area. This will provide city-wide building-level energy demand estimates and identify optimal distribution network routing options for practitioners.This workshop will present on each project with an option of a case study of a city. The aim is to inform a specialist audience on tool development to seek feedback to refine them and facilitate development and collaboration between both projects.

Track 2A: Approaches for Thermal Network Asset Deployment


Michael King, District Energy Development Ltd
Alastair Robinson, Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory
Joshua Thumim, Centre for Sustainable Energy
Paolo Michele Sonvilla, Creara


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