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Energy Planning for Carbon Reduction Outcomes 

07-01-2019 11:07


States and higher education campuses are announcing goals and targets for carbon reduction and carbon neutrality, at times without defined plans or projects that will achieve these goals. Many are also focused on just the buildings and missing the opportunity for district scale systems that can provide economic and carbon reduction benefits due to the energy density and economy of scale. Ramboll has completed dozens of Low Carbon District Energy Master Plans (roadmaps) for municipalities, higher education, and military clients, including in North America. This presentation will outline the planning process for a district scale system and provide case studies and actual plans developed that are in progress. Highlighting the technical, regulatory, supply chain, limited space/land, and existing infrastructure barriers or hurdles that need high level solutions in order to craft conceptual plans, cost estimates, and implementation or phasing schedules to convert the campus to a modern carbon free energy system supplying the entire campus. Ramboll will provide actual examples of implementation schedules, cost estimates, modeling results, and the process used to develop the plans. Explaining how this information is used to present plans to the decision makers, funding agencies, administration / trustees, or other audiences. Ramboll will layout a process on how the process can provide the information needed to evaluate each project or technology to develop a firm plan to achieve carbon neutrality in a way to gain approvals needed.

Track 6A: Harnessing Renewable Energy & District Energy for Carbon Reduction


Dan Kelley, Ramboll


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