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Innovative Approach To Commercial Duct Sealing Offers New Low Hanging Fruit For Major Energy-Savings 

06-28-2019 15:59

With the understanding that duct leakage represents one of the most significant causes of energy waste in commercial buildings today, the U.S. Department of Energy sponsored research aimed at developing the first viable means of sealing duct leaks in existing homes and building. Since being introduced on the market, aerosol-based duct sealing has proven to provide a fast, cost-effective means of eliminating duct leaks throughout the entire duct system, without the demolition or labor-intensive processes associated with traditional duct sealing methods. Over the past few years, aerosol duct sealing technology has been used to reduce energy costs and improve building performance for such notable structures as the Met Life building in Manhattan, Arzanah Medical Complex in Abu Dhabi and the newly renovated science building at Harvard University. This presentation will look at the implications that duct leakage has on energy usage, the pros and cons of traditional duct sealing methods and the use of aerosol-based duct sealing in buildings today.

Track 3C: Savings with Energy Procurement, Liquid Biofuels


April Frakes, Aeroseal LLC


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