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Intelligent Delta-T Analyzer and Detector 

07-02-2019 15:03

Innovation Award Submission Poster

Intelligent Delta-T Analyzer and Detector


Since 2014, there are online solutions Empower has implemented innovation projects that benefits the organization in providing the service to its customers. One of those is the implementation of remote meter reading that includes meter fault detection and auto-analysis. Meter readings are available for plant operations, building consumption and individual apartment usages. However, it was noticed that there are still disconnects in the process which impede flawless district cooling service especially when it comes to low delta-T syndrome. Internal stakeholders cannot establish reliable mechanism to connect the dots.

Thru persistent mindset and optimistic mindset of Metering team, the existing information was used as a baseline to develop “Intelligent Delta-T Analyzer and Detector” (IDTAD) – this system was designed to reconcile and detect all the information captured from all consolidated readings; specifically for the temperature parameters which contribute to delta-T performance. All meter readings are made available based on purpose such as:

  • Plant-meter for plant operations – installed to measure plant efficiency
  • Bulk-meter intended for building level and common area consumption located at Energy Transfer Station (ETS)
  • Sub-meter intended for individual apartment consumption

For each meter type, IDTAD is capable to seize faulty parameters and send information / notification to end-user to do corrective action for each meter types.

  • Send service request (SR) to validate the meter if fault detected at plant-meter level
  • Send SR to mitigate plant-meter and bulk-meter if there is transmission loss
  • Send SR to check ETS automation and meter validation if fault is detected at bulk-meter level, notify building maintenance to perform flow balancing at secondary side system
  • Send SR if there is cooling complaint and fault detected at sub-meter level, notify customer to rectify FCU fault

Generally, the system has positive impact in reinstating the optimum district cooling service resulting to high satisfaction from the customers.


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