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The Ideal CHP: A decentralized DC microgrid based on a full cycle natural gas engine battery energy storage on a DC Buss 

08-14-2017 10:33


This presentation takes a deep dive look at a DC Microgrid. The microgrid comprises an ebullient cooled natural gas reciprocating engine operating full cycle, the output of which controlled by varying the speed of the engine induction generator through a variable frequency drive which supports the DC bus voltage of the microgrid. The DC bus microgrid serves various motor loads through a DC bus, the voltage of which is controlled by the CHP engine speed control. Battery energy storage is used to store electrical energy in excess of that needed of the various loads while providing significant ride through capability in periods of heavy demand or during peak period pricing.

The design provides a stand alone microgrid that can either operate be grid connected, parallel or off grid by merely controlling the DC bus voltage, the diode bridge connection to the utility grid eliminating the need of utility approval. 


Robert Benz, Benz Air Engineering

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Robert Benz, Benz Air Engineering