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MRC Supports Emory University's Efforts to Install a Grid-Connected Microgrid 

05-07-2019 10:51

On Thursday, April 25, 2019, MRC Board members Edward (Ted) Borer of Princeton University and Joan Kowal of Emory University submitted testimony to the Georgia Public Service Commission in support of Emory's efforts to partner with Georgia Power to implement a microgrid that will enhance Emory's resiliency for critical buildings on campus.

This project advances Emory's, the City of Atlanta's and neighboring communities' resilience plans through development and installation of a microgrid with distributive energy resources and distributed energy resource management. The proposed microgrid pilot project will provide benefits to the community, city, state, and ratepayers by allowing resilience of critical buildings on Emory's campus, ensuring critical healthcare, health sciences and security functions during extreme weather or other grid disruption events. Emory intends to partner with Georgia Power to research ways in which a multi-building microgrid might ensure delivery of these critical functions during a grid disruption. 

MRC Board members, Ted Borer and Joan Kowal, with support from Baird Brown of eco(n)law, submitted testimony to the Georgia PSC in support of this effort by Emory University. Ted Borer detailed the importance of resilience and the role of the Princeton University microgrid in providing critical functions to the campus population of over 15,000 people and the surrounding community during Hurricane Sandy.

MRC highly recommends review of the attached board submittal as it articulates both the function and benefit of highly resilient microgrids to an end user community. 

In person hearings are scheduled for May 13 - 15, 2019 with Emory's in person testimony likely to occur on May 14.


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