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Nanogrid to Campus Microgrid - Santa Fe Community College Collaboration 

02-25-2019 17:46


As part of their focus on distributed generation and microgrids, Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) has partnered with Siemens to help teach students at the campus’ new nanogrid lab, while upgrading their campus with a separate microgrid. The program provides students with hands-on training using real-world software technology used by many private and public utilities to operate the nation’s power grids to manage alternative, renewable, and distributed energy resources. The software and training equips students with the latest skills to prepare them for the energy workforce - an industry currently facing a skills gap similar to the talent gap in the manufacturing sector.This was the first step in the energy evolution at SFCC. By working with Siemens, the college will reduce energy costs while increasing reliability and energy efficiency. The next phase includes a campus-wide microgrid, which also allows the students to see the real-time data and run simulations on their own.The program includes a research and teaching nanogrid that incorporates traditional power generation, photovoltaic solar power, natural gas, and a battery energy storage system. Students are trained on the microgrid controller architecture and build skills around how to optimize certain types of power generation based on certain needs like carbon reduction or as a response to weather conditions.Join Henry Mignardot, Executive Director for Plant Operations and Maintenance at Santa Fe Community College, and Clark Wiedetz, Director of Microgrid and Renewable Integration at Siemens Digital Grid, as they discuss in detail how SFCC worked with their local community and utility to deploy a microgrid.

Session: Microgrid Workshop


Henry Mignardot, Santa Fe Community College
Clark Wiedetz, Siemens

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