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Partnering Across Boundaries: Bringing Global Leadership to Academic-Municipal Collaboration on District Energy 

02-28-2019 16:08


Municipalities recognize the benefits of implementing district energy, including carbon emissions reduction, greater fuel-use efficiency and lower energy costs; however, the North American market has been slow in constructing these networks. Technology is not the issue – modern, high-efficiency district energy systems have been successfully deployed throughout the world for decades. Rather, the issues appear to be political will, absence of a long-range strategic plan for energy, financial payback, and lack of knowledge about the technology. Major institutional stakeholders, such as hospitals and universities, can play a pivotal role in kick starting community energy projects. Share the experience of an Ontario college that is leveraging its campus district energy network and energy master planning processes to reach beyond its campus boundary and partner with its municipal and public sector partners with the goal of extending the reach of energy efficiency, renewable energy and district energy - establishing appropriate governance, and to validate a replicable and scalable model for academic-municipal collaboration.

Session 5D: Business Models, Contracting & Financing 


Katherine Rinas, Sheridan College
Herbert Sinnock, Sheridan College


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