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Planning an Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Project at the Ford Site, St. Paul, MN 

06-28-2019 13:19

The 135-acres Ford site in Saint Paul will be redeveloped from scratch starting with installation of new utilities, providing an unprecedented opportunity to design and install a technologically advanced, comprehensive and integrated low-temperature district energy system that incorporates renewable energy sources and design efficiencies. A 2016 Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) feasibility study concluded that ATES could reduce primary energy consumption by 40% compared to a modern district energy system that uses gas-fired boilers and electric chillers.Following detailed engineering and financial analysis of the ATES project, Ever-Green Energy spearheaded the planning effort in 2018, focusing on critical elements of the business case. These included advocacy for 2030 building design standards, aligning stakeholders regarding public policy, and securing regulatory approvals. Hydrogeologic due diligence performed by Underground Energy included modeling the hydraulic effects of the Ford Dam on the underlying aquifers followed by the design and implementation of a hydrogeologic investigation to confirm that aquifer conditions are suitable for ATES.

Track 2C: Strategies for Project Engagement


Mark Worthington Underground Energy, LLC
Nina Axelson Ever-Green Energy


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