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PSU's Road to Sustainability 

03-01-2019 10:40


Penn State is increasing its focus on sustainability and reduction of its carbon footprint. Much has been done with fuel conversions, efficiency improvements, CHP, fuel cells, and renewable energy sources. They are on the road planning future improvements. Burns & McDonnell worked with PSU to complete a master plan focused on evaluating the feasibility of installing and operating a biomass fueled central CHP plant and an additional PV array to meet the campus’ growing steam and electrical demand while diversifying the use of its primary fuel, natural gas, with renewable fuels. The feasibility of a biomass facility at PSU relied on several key factors including availability and price of fuel supply, capital cost to implement the plant, ongoing operating and maintenance costs, land area required, and greenhouse gas reduction. Through fuel studies, dispatch models, LCCA, and conceptual engineering, PSU has the basis to proceed with the implementation of a biomass plant to move them down the road to a more sustainable future.

Session 5C: Integrating Renewables & Low Carbon Solutions


Ron Pristash, The Pennsylvania State University 
David Goetz, Burns & McDonnell


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