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Resilient Cities and the New Energy Paradigm 

06-28-2019 07:41


When electrical energy flows uninterrupted, cities stay competitive in an ever-changing digital economy and can rebound from the shocks of natural disaster and security threats. With the growing impact of natural disasters affecting cities of all sizes, the reliability and flexibility of energy supply is more important than ever. A rapidly evolving set of technologies for the generation, storage, monitoring, and control of energy is remaking our energy landscape. This new paradigm of distributed energy offers opportunities for cities, corporations, and consumers not just to reduce costs but to lower risks and ensure we are prepared to meet the challenges of the future. But to tap the power of distributed energy, new forms of innovative thinking about energy — through public and private collaboration — must emerge.In this interactive session, business, policy, and city leaders discuss the opportunities in the new distributed energy ecosystem, the challenges in creating an integrated approach to energy distribution, and the policy and regulatory frameworks that are emerging. 

Track 6C: Innovative Approaches to Resilient Cities


Grant Ervin, City of Pittsburgh
Dr. Lidija Sekaric, Siemens


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