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SRIC Willow crops: an alternative to biosolids disposal while generating woody biomass 

10-19-2017 11:12


The use of biomass district heating is not a new concept. Several districts are using biomass as their primary or secondary energy source. Energy pricing, jurisdiction as well as biomass availability, quality, and distance have a direct impact on the feasibility and profitability of any given project. SRIC crops - Short Rotation Intensive Crops - have been successfully implemented in commercial projects in Europe and in the Scandinavian countries where the regulatory environment has been more favorable to their development.

Bionera and SYLVIS Environmental are developing a novel concept. Hybrid willow has some unique features: once established on marginal lands, these fast growing hybrids can be harvested and chipped every second or third year and deliver attractive energy yields. They will then grow back from their root system and repeat the cycle. Their fast growth and high water transpiration properties make them an ideal crop to utilize wastewater and bio-solid residuals as a feed that can be re-applied after each harvest. The field becomes a bio-filter capable of processing huge amounts of water and nutrients minimizing runoffs and mineral accumulation. This dual purpose application is currently under investigation with a large scale project and will be discussed during this presentation.


Marc Poirier, Bionera Resources
John Lavery, SYLVIS Environment


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Marc Poirier, Bionera Resources John Lavery, SYLVIS Environmental