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Underground Chilled Water Project Approach at Syracuse University for Major Expansion 

02-27-2019 12:44


Syracuse University is currently expanded portions of the underground chilled water distribution system to serve new loads being added to the central chilled water plant. The presentation will discuss aspects of the master planning effort which included long-range goals, load analysis, and project scheduling. Schedule development included coordination with many campus events such as academic calendar, campus events, Carrier Dome events, weddings at adjacent chapel, and distribution shutdown periods. (Chilled water off in Winter, Steam off in Summer). Discussion on construction approach with Construction Manager at risk with multiple bid packages to meet project schedule. Working adjacent to research facilities which housed sensitive equipment requiring the installation of vibration monitoring sensors and implementation of alternative construction methods. Presentation of overall campus utility mapping efforts before the project, during construction, and documentation for the campus master maps. Utilized GPS-based surveying equipment to obtain utility as-builts during construction. Lessons learned about coordination with academic needs, research needs, implementation of alternative construction methods to install new utilities. Problem solving with various campus departments to coordinate the installation of other project aspects included with the project due to site impact (i.e., additional electric and communication ductbanks, site lighting upgrades, steam vault replacement, snow melting systems, etc)

Session 2D: Master Planning, System Design & Construction 


David Warren, Syracuse University
Derek Guadagnolo, Peterson Guadagnolo Consulting Engineers PC


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