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DCO Energy Acquires District Energy System Serving Downtown Wilmington, Delaware

By District Energy posted 06-19-2017 18:24


Press Release
April 12, 2017

DCO Energy affiliate, WDK Energy Partners, LLC, has announced that it is entering the Wilmington, Delaware market.

DCO Energy has acquired the thermal plant assets that help provide heating and cooling to commercial and government office buildings in downtown Wilmington, Delaware, including 800 King Street and the New Castle County Courthouse and Justice Complex. The assets include the central utility plant and related infrastructure. The district energy plant produces 60 mmBtu/hour of heating and 6,000 tons of cooling, and can heat and cool up to 3,000,000 square feet of office space.

“We are proud to announce this acquisition and look forward to providing the same level of service DCO customers have come to know over the years,” said Frank E. DiCola, DCO’s Chief Executive Officer.

The Wilmington district energy plant assets were acquired from Pepco Energy Services.

DCO Energy currently owns district energy systems and generations assets across the United States.  In the last 17 years, the Company has developed approximately 500 MW electric, 75,000 tons chilled water and 1,145 mmBtu/hour of installed capacity.

About DCO Energy

DCO Energy, LLC is an independent energy development company specializing in the development, engineering, construction, start up, commissioning, operation, maintenance and management, as well as, ownership of Central Energy Centers (CEC), Renewable Energy projects and Combined Heat, Chilling and Power (CHCP) Production Facilities. DCO provides financing, engineering and design, construction management, start up and commissioning resources and long-term operating and maintenance services for its own CEC, CHCP and Renewable Energy projects as well as third party clients.

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Alexandra Jingoli
Marketing Coordination
DCO Energy

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