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Powering the TMC: TECO Cools and Heats the Texas Medical Center

By District Energy posted 06-20-2017 12:53


Shanley Chien, TMC News
June 6, 2017


Behind a brown brick façade decorated with black and white double helixes—an homage to the district it serves—the Thermal Energy Corporation (TECO) is busy cooling and heating the Texas Medical Center.

“In reality, we’re a big part of the med center, but we’re a quiet part,” said Charlie Michalak, maintenance manager and long-time TECO employee. “Two hundred thousand people come in and out of this place every day. You would think they would know a little bit about us, but we don’t make a lot of noise. We just stay back to the side and do what we’ve got to do and make sure the medical center gets 24/7 coverage.”

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