Empower Receives 2013 IDEA Innovation Award

By District Energy posted 07-06-2017 15:53



2013 Winner: Empower Energy Solutions was announced at IDEA's 104th Annual Conference & Trade show in Miami, Fla., as the winner of the 2013 Innovation Award at the Annual Chairmans Banquet on Tuesday evening, June 4, in Miami, Florida. All 8 submissions were featured at the Monday, June 3 Innovation Luncheon.

The major challenges that face any district cooling provider are to operate the chiller systems with the highest achievable efficiency, minimize water wastage and reduce the cost of operation. This submission demonstrates how the conversion from potable or domestic water in district cooling plants to alternative water sources (specifically Treated Sewage Effluent) can be achieved and showcases this accomplishment with the integration of reverse osmosis technology.


Ahmad Bin Shafar, Emirates Central Cooling System Corp. (Empower)

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