University of Missouri wins 2017 System of the Year Award

By District Energy posted 07-06-2017 15:17


System of the Year 2017

Bob Smith, chair of the IDEA System of the Year Award committee, announced the winner of the 2017 SOYA at the conclusion of IDEA's 108th Annual Conference and Trade Show in Scottsdale, Ariz., on June 28, 2017. The award was accepted by Ken Davis, director of energy management for the university.

University of Missouri

The University of Missouri is responsible for providing chilled water, steam, electrical power, and drinking water to over 15 million SF. of customers including academic, hospital, research and data centers.

Mizzou produces over 66 megawatts of power, 1 million pounds per hour of steam and 32,000 tons of cooling with 99.99% reliability. The university has an outstanding safety record, and by using renewable forms of energy, has cut its green house gas emissions by 50%. It has put into place many resiliency measures including cyber security, black start capability, and N+1 redundancy on every piece of generating equipment.

In February, Mizzou was recognized for its student video completion that provides an overview of their campus district energy system.

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