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An Antidote to the Utility-Versus-Renewables Conflict

By District Energy posted 07-27-2017 10:43


Julian Spector, Greentech Media
July 26, 2017


In a time of tension over the future of the grid, the Rocky Mountain Institute’s eLab Accelerator gets all sides talking.

A New York Times analysis this month tallied the states that recently rolled back net metering and other policies to encourage distributed solar, attributing the developments in large part to a well-funded network of utility lobbyists.

In much of the nation, though, the solar-versus-utilities dynamic has given way to a more nuanced give-and-take over the future of the grid.

Although the political tensions are acute in many regions of the country, both parties can often get much more done as partners than as enemies. Earlier this year, I got to watch that process play out in real time.

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