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District Energy System Under Downtown Phoenix Cools More Than 40 Buildings

By District Energy posted 08-31-2017 00:00


Annika Cline, KJZZ News

The Valley is still going to see highs above 100 during the month of September. For people from cooler places, that can be unfathomable. But it is bearable, thanks to the wonders of air conditioning. There are times where it's a hundred outside but you might need a light jacket in some buildings.

What's more, some of the major buildings that make up the downtown Phoenix skyline are all cooled by the same system. Talking Stick Resort Arena, Comerica Theatre, the Sheraton Hotel and more are all cooled by the biggest version of an air conditioner you've ever heard of, and it's right under the street.

I took a tour of this underground system, with Gary Cheek as my guide. Cheek doesn't actually do a whole lot of tours. He's the Director of Operations and Maintenance at the NRG Energy Center under downtown Phoenix.

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