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Serbia: EU Supports 903 m² Solar District Heating Installation

By District Energy posted 09-03-2017 00:00


Baerbel Epp, Solar Thermal World


Throughout the last years, the EU has been criticised for many things, and the UK has now been the first to decide on leaving. Still, there are good examples of how the union can benefit even non-member countries. For instance, there is a project called Energy Efficiency – The Premise of a Better Environment in Romania-Serbia Cross-Border Area, which was presented at the Energy Week in Belgrade in mid-June. This joint effort of two cities in the Banat region, Pancevo in Serbia and Resita in Romania, required EUR 1.4 million, mostly financed by the EU as part of the Interreg – IPA CBC Program Romania-Serbia Programme.

“We’ll soon install solar collectors for hot water production at our sports facilities,” said Rares Gantolea from Resita. Andjela Vila, who works at the Secretariat for Economy and Economic Development in Pancevo, Serbia, explained that the current aim was to insulate the walls of a fifty-year-old sports hall and install a new heating and cooling system. “But as a next step, we intend to put solar panels on the roof of the city’s swimming pool,” she added. 

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