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Planning for the resilience of a city

By District Energy posted 09-17-2017 00:00


Gérard Mestrallet, Shanghai Daily


On the path toward excellence, climate change appears as a major challenge for cities. Local authorities have to take urban vulnerabilities into their decision-making processes. With respect to Shanghai, a twin-pronged approach could be set to deal with climate risks.

Research shows that both efforts to reduce future climate changes and efforts to reduce vulnerability of society are needed in order to minimize the damages from human-caused climate change. Such efforts can also increase the resilience of the city and adapt the city to the pace and magnitude of changes that will occur.

More specifically, by developing a vision of “smart city,” Shanghai has the full potential to achieve its objective. Using digital technologies to facilitate the understanding of the urban challenges through modelling, simulation, visualization, and communication, is a way to make the city resilient and friendly to its citizens.

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