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The 4 Main Pillars of Enhancing Utility Grid Resilience

By District Energy posted 10-13-2017 09:23


Philip Mihlmester, Anne Choate; Greentech Media


Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria have increased the urgency of acting to make our electricity grids more resilient. While America’s utilities have significantly improved grid reliability overall, extreme weather events, including storm surges, floods, heat storms and droughts continue to increase in intensity and frequency.

In this environment, utilities, governments and other stakeholders need to take longer and deeper looks at building resilience to limit and mitigate the risks to customers.  

But where to begin? The American power grid comprises over $1 trillion in physical assets; protecting them from risks that threaten life, property and economic activity can be costly. As a leading professional services firm in American energy markets, ICF has been working with our utility and government clients to help assess and respond to these growing threats, and to find the most cost-effective paths to a more resilient grid. Our experience suggests there are four main pillars in the effort to improve our nation’s grid resilience.

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