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Progressive candidates are embracing clean energy as a campaign issue

By District Energy posted 10-19-2017 00:00


Joe Romm, Think Progress


Rebecca Otto, Minnesota State Auditor and Candidate for Governor in the Democratic Primary, on the roof of her clean energy home. Credit: Shawn Otto

If Trump isn't going to do the right thing, "we're going to have to do it at the governor's level."

According to polling and public opinion analysis, support for strong action on climate change and clean energy is an across-the-board winning political issue.

Yet progressive candidates for high office have historically downplayed those issues, as has the Democratic party — both in the 2016 national election and even in the wake of the recent unprecedented string of superstorms.

But a new generation of candidates are taking a new approach, refusing to be silent or even defensive on these issues, which are overwhelmingly popular with voters. They understand that Americans are increasingly concerned about climate change and want to see climate action.

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