IDEA’s innovators of 2017

By District Energy posted 10-23-2017 17:32


Kathryn Ramsted, Editorial Associate, District Energy

This article appears in the Q4 2017 edition of District Energy magazine.

From this year’s Innovation Award winner Princeton University to three honorable mention designees, IDEA members exemplify industry-leading ingenuity.
The word “innovation” has its roots in the Latin novus, meaning “new.” Within the membership of the International District Energy Association, innovation – the introduction of new technologies, member collaborations, engineering approaches or operational practices – is in no short supply. Three years ago, IDEA established its Innovation Award as a platform for showcasing and sharing such creative solutions developed by association members. The award is presented at IDEA’s Annual Conference and Trade Show to a winner selected on the basis of criteria in four categories: ingenuity, measurable success, replicability, and economic and environmental benefits. 

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