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Is Site C solution in Richmond’s backyard?

By District Energy posted 11-15-2017 00:00


Graeme Wood, Richmond News

Coun. Harold Steves says large-scale geothermal projects can mitigate future power requirements in B.C., thus negating any need to flood the Peace River Valley for the Site C hydroelectric dam. The City of Richmond created its own geothermal company, which sells energy to new developments in the Oval and West Cambie neighbourhoods. Photo by Graeme Wood/Richmond News


What does a little-known, taxpayer-backed geothermal energy project in north Richmond have to do with the proposed Site C hydroelectric dam project?

According to Coun. Harold Steves, the geothermal energy being produced by the Lulu Island Energy Corporation (LIEC) is a glimpse of this province’s energy future and an example of why the over-budget mega dam is arguably not needed, as suggested by a recent review by the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC), an independent regulatory agency of the provincial government.

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