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Seoul-ar City: South Korean capital investing US$1.5bn for 1GW of PV

By District Energy posted 11-22-2017 00:00


Amanda Lennon, PVTech

Rooftop solar in Xiamen.


South Korean capital Seoul plans to invest US$1.55 billion in a solar plan which aims to install 1GW of PV generation capacity by 2022, according to local sources.

“Solar City Seoul” will involve the undertaking of seven initiatives then subdivided into 59 separate projects.

One key element of the plan is to oversee the increase of miniature solar generators on household rooftops and verandas from around 30,000 up to one million.

 In 2104, 3,000 households in Seoul had been fitted with miniature generators. This number increased to 18,000 in 2017.

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