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Status Green: Christchurch Airport awarded for energy efficiency

By District Energy posted 12-07-2017 11:43


Jacl Fletcher, Business Day

JOHN KIRK-ANDERSON/STUFF The new Novotel hotel under construction at Christchurch Airport, framed by Cumulus Gate Pavilion, by sculptor Gregor Kregar.


Behind the glass, steel and timber, artesian water courses through the walls of Christchurch Airport.

The water is extracted from a natural aquifer under the airport's newest terminal, used to heat and cool the building. The initiative is one of a range aimed at reducing the building's energy consumption and the planes that dock outside it each day.

Since 2013, the airport reduced its energy consumption by 21 per cent. In the last 12 months, enough energy was saved to power 120 homes for a year.

The airport's efforts were recognised at the recent NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards where they took out the Efficiency Champion category.

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