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Toho Gas and MHIET Develop 450kW Gas Cogeneration System

By District Energy posted 12-11-2017 00:00


Press Release, MENAFN

TOKYO, Dec, 11 2017 - (JCN Newswire) - Toho Gas Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engine & Turbocharger, Ltd. (MHIET) have jointly developed a new 450kW gas engine cogeneration system that features a higher initial load than existing systems. Sales of the new product will commence on December 15.

The new gas cogeneration system features more advanced control of engine frequency and generator voltage than previous models. Together these improvements enable an initial load after system startup of 180kW, the highest levels in a 400kW-class high-efficiency gas engine, while maintaining generating efficiency as high as 42%. This represents a near 33% improvement from the 135kW of the existing system, corresponding to 40% of rated load.

The new specifications result in improved initial power supply capability during power outages, as well as further strengthening of readiness for BCP(1) operations compared to other systems.

Toho Gas and MHIET will introduce the new system, which offers outstanding energy efficiency, in hospitals, commercial facilities, office buildings, factories, etc. The two partners will strive to promote more widespread adoption of gas cogeneration systems to make positive contributions to BCP, energy savings and environmental protection.

Main Features

1. More power, faster supply during emergencies
By improving the frequency control of the engine and voltage control of the generator, an initial load after system startup of 180kW (40% of rated load) has been achieved-- the highest levels in a 400kW-class high-efficiency gas engine. This enables more and faster power supply and, compared to existing systems, also shorten the time to reach maximum power.

2. Further improved power supply security 
The improved initial load has resulted in strengthening of the previously featured BOS function(2) . Furthermore, in this system, the new BOS function, in combination with the radiator cooling introduced earlier,(Note3) enables faster recovery of power supply to safety control systems, factories, office buildings, and other security facilities even during simultaneous power and water cutoffs during emergencies. The result is further improvement in power supply security. 

(1) BCP: Business Continuity Planning of actions to be taken at normal times as well as procedures to be followed during emergencies to ensure continuation of business operations through early restoration of key functions when regular business activities are interrupted by natural disasters etc.
(2) BOS: blackout start: engine startup and power restoration, without use of an external power supply, during a power outage
(3) See press release of May 31, 2017

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