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Internet of Heat

By District Energy posted 01-09-2018 11:55


Balanced Energy Networks


The search for a practical and affordable way to reduce carbon emissions continues. Governments all recognise the need to control the emissions of carbon. The Pope and the Governor of the Bank of England have also voiced concern that the issue is critical, but little progress has yet been made.

It is easier to recognise the problem of global warming than to know what to do about it. The UK Government has allowed itself to be persuaded that the carbon emission problem is secondary to the fight to control public spending because without control of public spending the Government will have limited power to do anything constructive. The Government is in danger of ignoring the implications of climate change on the Government's future finances, including the need for larger spending on health and welfare.

Renewable Energy can be divided into Renewable Electricity and Renewable Heat: these two manifestations of energy need to be treated in different ways.

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