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Utility CHP ownership – a new partnership

By District Energy posted 01-16-2018 12:13


This article was featured in the Q1 2018 edition of District Energy Magazine.

Investor-owned utilities have a unique opportunity to partner with clients to deploy efficient, resilient and economical CHP capacity.


Over the past five to 10 years the energy and power industry in the U.S. has revitalized discussions regarding combined heat and power, or the production of useful electric and thermal energy from a single fuel source near the final consumer. This has been driven by many factors including a focus on energy efficiency and resulting emissions reductions, the need for electrical supply resiliency for critical infrastructure, and the sustained low cost of natural gas supply.


Kurt Koenig, National Business Unit Manager for Distributed Generation, CHP and Microgrids, Burns & McDonnell
Zak Kuznar, Director of Business Development, Duke Energy

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