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Bernhard company rebranding its energy business while shooting for Fortune 500 status

By District Energy posted 01-18-2018 00:00


Stephanie Riegel, Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

Power Play: With a vision of building a Fortune 500 company in Baton Rouge, Bernhard Energy Solutions CEO Steve Nathanson is rebranding the company and focusing its mission on high efficiency energy systems. (Photo by Don Kadair)


Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center recently inked a multimillion-dollar, long term deal with Bernhard LLC to design, build, operate and manage a new high efficiency energy system that will heat, cool and monitor energy usage on the hospital’s 1.2-million-square-foot campus.

Though a nondisclosure agreement prevents Bernhard from saying much about the deal specifically, Bernhard Energy Solutions CEO Steve Nathanson describes it as “one of the biggest contracts in the state that would rival anything on a national scale.” For its part, OLOL estimates the deal will enable the hospital to save $2 million a year on its utility bill.

Perhaps more significantly, the mini power plant will generate enough excess capacity—steam and chilled water—that it could eventually supply other nearby buildings and facilities in the health district for their heating and cooling systems, though that’s still only a theoretical possibility at this point.

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