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UCI islands its microgrid from Southern California Edison grid

By District Energy posted 02-26-2018 00:00


Electric Light & Power


The Advanced Power and Energy Program at the University of California, Irvine, in partnership with campus Facilities Management, successfully islanded the campus 20 MW-class microgrid from the Southern California Edison (SCE) grid.

During the 1 hour and 15-minute test, the microgrid performed flawlessly in response to varying campus electrical load demands.

“This was truly a major accomplishment for our microgrid research and for the betterment of microgrid reliability and resiliency” said Professor Scott Samuelsen, director of the UCI Advanced Power and Energy Program (APEP). “The unique collaboration between campus operations and APEP was key to achieving and demonstrating this important capability, and the cooperation of, and collaboration with, Southern California Edison was essential.”

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