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University of New Hampshire Teams with Waste Management to Pump Landfill Gas for Energy

By District Energy posted 03-13-2018 00:00


Arlene Karidis, Waste 360


The University of New Hampshire (UNH) has powered its Durham campus on renewable energy for years. And when it was looking to expand in the space, it just so happened to be at a time when Waste Management was trying to figure out how to manage excess gas produced at its Rochester, N.H., landfill.

The two entities already knew each other well—Waste Management was the university’s hauler—so they decided to take their relationship further. UNH built a 12-mile pipeline from the landfill to the campus to fuel its combined heat and power (COGEN) plant, and it leases property at the landfill where it processes the gas first. The partnership enables UNH to heat and power 75 to 85 percent of the campus and make money selling surplus energy to the grid.

For Waste Management, which maintains the gas collection system and ensures gas quality, it’s meant having a consistent, reliable gas user.

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