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SEPTA's power plant proposal attracts opposition

By District Energy posted 04-17-2018 00:00


Sam Newhouse, Metro

SEPTA says it needs a new power plant at the Midvale Depot to power the Regional Rail, but environmentalists oppose it. (Metro file photo)


SEPTA's plan for a new power plant near Nicetown to help power the Regional Rail is awaiting city approval.

SEPTA's plan to build a power plant near the Wayne Junction area, between Germantown and Nicetown, has earned fiery opposition from environmentalists who call the project a "gas plant" that will harm their quality of life. But SEPTA says the plant is part of their sustainability program and which actually help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

SEPTA said its $26.8 million project, the Midvale Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP), would supply half the energy needs of the Regional Rail system.

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