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Revamping Local Environmental Policy in Alexandria

By District Energy posted 04-23-2018 00:00


Dan Brendel, Alexandria Gazette Packet


Alexandria, VA - Earth Day, April 28, is the last big opportunity to weigh in on recommendations to update the city’s Environmental Action Plan (EAP), before they go to City Council in May.

Along with the Eco-City Charter, the EAP proposes to be at the center of the city’s “constellation of plans,” subordinate only to the city’s Strategic Plan, overarching even the various master plans.

In September, the Environmental Policy Commission (EPC), comprising 13 citizen-volunteers, began a process to recommend ways to update the EAP. The update, deferred since 2014, comprises two phases over two years. The first phase goes to council for action next month, in the form of 14 recommendations, currently in draft form, under five headings: climate change, energy, green building, land use and open space, and solid waste.

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