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Distributed Gas Generation: Big Power in Small(er) Packages

By District Energy posted 05-01-2018 10:18


Darrell Proctor, Power Magazine


The traditional electricity grid is being transformed, as more businesses look to control their costs by producing their own power. A need for reliable backup power, the push for more resiliency in generation, and a desire for electricity in remote locations is driving distributed generation, with natural gas taking a lead role.

Commercial and industrial sites increasingly are producing their own power, independent of the traditional grid. Demand for electricity in remote locations, along with the need for reliable backup power systems, is growing. Mobile generation systems are more prevalent, as shown in the response to restoring power after natural disasters over the past few years.

It’s all part of the rise in applications for distributed power, or power generated at or near the point of use. These are often systems with less than 100 MW of generation capacity, supplying power to small commercial and industrial sites, often as part of combined heat and power (CHP) projects and microgrid installations.

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