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How Yandex is heating a Finnish city with its data centre’s surplus energy

By District Energy posted 05-10-2018 00:00


Laura Mullan, Gigabit Magazine


At a time when sustainability is a key talking point in the data centre space, one of Europe’s largest internet companies is blowing the competition away with sustainable data centre operations

Grappling with some of the largest behemoths in the tech industry, in Russia, it’s Yandex which reigns supreme.

Commanding 54% of the market in the region, Yandex owns Russia’s most popular search engine which also stands as the fourth most popular search engine globally – yet that’s not all it offers.

Some 19mn people log into its online marketplace, Yandex.Market every month and its service, Yandex.Taxi accounts for 60% of Moscow’s taxi rides. On top of this, the Russian firm also offers products like translation services, map services, crowdsourcing tools and more.

Right across its portfolio, Yandex strives to make everyday life simple, using data to empower its customers.

Now the Russian web giant is, quite literally, giving power to citizens, with its state-of-the-art data colocation centre in Finland.

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