Calls for greater recognition for cogeneration

By District Energy posted 06-20-2018 00:00


Diarmaid Williams, Decentralized Energy


EU leaders failed to agree on a new energy efficiency target, despite negotiations going on to the early hours on Wednesday night last. The importance of the sector and cogeneration’s place within it was a key point of discussion at COGEN Europe’s 25thanniversary Power of Heat annual conference in Brussels last week.

In her opening remarks, Margherita Ardagna, Chair, COGEN Europe one reason why energy efficient solutions are so important to making Europe’s ultimate climate targets.

“The Power of Heat title is very important to talk about. Half our energy consumption is from heat.”

“There is no silver bullet to meeting the Paris Agreement. It will need a mix of renewable energy resources and energy efficiency across the whole value chain as well as well as smart digital solutions. We strongly believe that cogeneration allows for all of those things.”

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