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Akron City Council approves $25 million renovation for city's steam plant

By District Energy posted 06-25-2018 00:00


Jennifer Conn,

Akron Children's and Cleveland Clinic Akron General hospitals have committed to long-term contracts with Akron's steam plant, known as the District Energy System, run by Akron Energy Systems. (Akron Energy Systems)


Over the past nine years, Akron Energy Systems has slowly transformed the city's waste-to-energy power plant from a dangerous, poorly run trash-recycling facility to a safe, cost-effective power-generating operation.

That's the opinion of several Akron City Council members who said they recently toured the plant.

It's also the view of Akron Children's Hospital CEO Bill Considine and Cleveland Clinic Akron General Senior Vice President of Operations Steve Abdenour. Both men appeared at City Council's Public Service Committee meeting Monday in support of a $25.4 million renovation for the plant.

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