2018 John Gray Scholars: Joseph Clinton and Hardik Satish Miyani

By District Energy posted 06-26-2018 17:16



The 2018 John Gray Scholarship Award was presented to Joseph Clinton and Hardik Satish Miyani at IDEA's 109th Annual Conference and Trade Show in Vancouver, BC on June 13, 2018 by Steve Swinson, a dear friend and colleague of the late John Gray. Joseph Clinton was invited to attend the conference and accept the award in person, his father Stephen Clinton, a member of IDEA, was also in attendance. Hardik Satish Miyani was unable to attend and accept his award in person.

Joseph Clinton

IDEAVAN2018-810.jpgJoseph Clinton is currently a junior at Franklin High School in Franklin Tennessee with plans to join Mississippi State University’s 5 year program with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Building Construction Sciences with an MBA. Joseph is the son of IDEA Member, Stephen Clinton with Spirotherm, Inc. Joseph has spent the past two summers and will be returning again this summer to work with a commercial construction company to earn money to pay for a missions trip to Nicaragua.

As part of his application for the John Gray Scholarship, Joseph’s submittal included a letter of recommendation from Mr. Don Moss, President of Liberty Heating and Cooling, where Joseph has spent the past two summers working.  Mr. Moss recounted Joseph’s first weeks on the job where he quickly became the favored helper due to his work ethic and positive attitude. His demonstrated leadership abilities and mechanical aptitude will help him achieve his goal of being able to run or own his own energy related business. Both Joseph’s boss and his family feel strongly that Joseph has a bright future in the energy industry.

Pictured (from left to right): Stephen Clinton, Joseph Clinton, Steve Swinson

Hardik Satish Miyani

Hardik Satish Miyani is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Energy Engineering at IDEA Member University of Illinois at Chicago and is on schedule to graduate in December 2018. Hardik is a young district energy enthusiast with a perfect 4.0 GPA looking to pursue a research-oriented career in energy engineering. He has previously worked with Green India Building Systems and Services (GIBSS) as a Mechanical design engineer and participated in a feasibility study for a university considering district energy.

As part of his application for the John Gray Scholarship, Hardik’s submittal included letters of reference from members of the faculty, including Mr. Cliff Haefke who taught Hardik in his CHP Engineering and Management course as well as collaborated with him on an ASHRAE funded research project at the Energy Resources Center. The aim of the project was to improve the efficiency of the combustion turbines using the turbine inlet air cooling technology. Mr. Haefke praised Hardik’s proficient technical skills and dedication to completing the project.

Similarly Hardik’s graduate advisor commended Hardik’s affinity for research and commitment to go above and beyond to solve problems and add to his skill set. Those who know and have worked with Hardik feel strongly that he would make an ideal recipient for the John Gray Scholarship Award.