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Report: NHS could save £130m by updating energy systems

By District Energy posted 07-02-2018 17:29


The NHS could save at least £130m every year by updating old energy systems with battery storage, onsite low-carbon generation and energy efficiency measures.

That is the key conclusion of a new report from energy firm Centrica Business Solutions, ahead of this Thursday’s (5 July) 70th anniversary of the NHS.

The study claims that the use of demand-response services, onsite solutions and monitoring technologies could help the embattled institution “take control” of its energy consumption and “turn it into an opportunity”.

Centrica Business Solutions’ managing director Jorge Pikunic said: “Our NHS is an incredible healthcare system and a source of national pride – but it’s also under intense pressure to reduce costs while delivering enhanced services. Energy has a huge role to play in that.

“Energy could - and should - be a force for good for the NHS, helping to create financial efficiencies and unlock opportunities to make improvements in patient care. However, it needs more support and funding to modernise its hospital estates.

“Energy technology has come a long way in the past few decades and the systems used by most hospitals across Britain can benefit from the latest energy efficient solutions and equipment."

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